Friends of Everyone has an Anime

Idle Emma’s Ideal Spot
“Another girl, another blog.”
This is one of my wordpress friends that has an awesome art like blog. Her posts always put a smile on my face when i feel down (usually when i think that my art sucks lol) but this is one page that is worth the look ^_^

Wingstruck’s Blog
“Creative writing with unrelatable relatableness.”
Another friend that has a chill music blog. Out of music ideas why not stop in to Wingstruck’s music blog for some ideas. she has introduced me to a ton of new artists that i didn’t know about and fell in love with. Her blog always helps me relax after a long day of school. I can just sit back read about some artists and listen to some great music ^_^

Anime and College Level Procrastination
“Just another site”
Still want more anime? Why not pop on over to Anime and College Level Procrastination. rapmasterg has great reviews up and information about this seasons shows, and what else are we supposed to do in college?? Whats that, study you say, ahh piff Anime is studying if your taking Japanese ^_^
if your looking for more opinions start here first, its worth it!

blogdire logo
I am friends with Cathy one of the admins on this site. looking for a specific blog but cant find it here? try searching at blogdire or browsing through there sections for something cool ^_^
also if you are bored why not check out some free games over here? - Free games online
if the button is not working click this link


One response to “Friends of Everyone has an Anime

  1. Jake_o

    02/20/2011 at 9:56 PM

    If you want a different picture let me know and I’ll change it ^_^


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