First impressions – Dororon Enma-kun: Meeramera

22 Apr

What is this Anime about?
Demons, perversion, and mind numbing retarded-ness. So in the first episode Harumi follows her friends in to the school building at night. An elderly lady at a bath house had told her (just before she went) never to go to the school at night because it was haunted (oh and she was saying this while swinging her breasts around like a fan.) So anyways the group all go to the school and Harumi gets separated from the group. when she finally finds someone there face is gone. She runs away in a panic and falls into the school pool where she almost drowns because she cant swim. Kapaeru dives in to save the day and then takes her to “hell” which is below the school so that Enma can dry her off with his fire. After problems with the drying off bit Harumi tells them about what happened in the school and they (along with a hat and an ice mage who where there too i just didn’t tell you about it) agree to get rid of the face eater at the school but they need someone to be a decoy so they can sneak up on it. Everyone looks at Kapaeru and then guilt ridden because he saved her Harumi volunteers to be the decoy. She walks through the school trying to find someone that is missing a face before she has the overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom. This is about the time that she says something like ” I hope everyone is close and wont let my face get taken” which of course least to a camera pan to the group sleeping in one of the rooms. as she inches closer to the toilets the face eater busts trough the floor and grabs her legs. Enma wakes up at this point and rushes over to help her even saying “sorry im late we kinda feel asleep” a giant fight ensues between the face eater and Enma the face eater fights with his tongue until Enma cuts it in half. with out his main weapon the face eater decides he will use his penis to fight with. When Enma brakes the face eaters thing (yes brakes as in cracks and broken off bits) the monster yells out “OWWW YOU BROKE MY D**K”



Where is it heading?
They are just going to go around killing/capturing demons whilst being the biggest perverts they can.

My opinion starting out
I could not sit through 1 episode very well because of how retarded and perverted it was. I have never hated perverted anime but this was something out of its league it was that bad. I do not plan on watching this anymore but if someone out there still is let me know how it was/write a review when its done and Ill post it up here with all credit going to you ^_^

Rating so far
these type of animes have been running rampant for the last few years so no this is not very original, and there are much better anime then this to watch in that genre so I’m giving this a 1 out of 5.
(this score is based on how original the anime is starting, 1 means that is is way to over played, 3 means that it has some originality to it but it’s sticking to what is safe. 5 means that the anime is starting off with a completely original idea. )

So what do you think? The only way to make these posts better is if you tell us what we can improve upon so please leave a comment to help us get better (^。^)

(may be edited by DHGR as soon as she has time ^_^)

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