first impressions – Sket Dance

20 Apr

What is this Anime about?
This is an anime about a club that is in the business of helping out fellow schoolmates with any problems they may have. hummm…..this sounds familiar…Anyways there plan on paper was to help out with any problem no mater how big it was though in actuality they are usually only helping people find small things like misplaced books, bags, ect. The team is comprised of the leader Yusuke FUJISAKI, who is normally very silly and goofy but when he has his goggles on can concentrate much more on problems, Hime ONIZUKA, who from what i can tell was a young gangster turned good but is still used as the muscles of the group, and last but not least Kazuyoshi USUI, he is a computer geek and can find anything about anyone, he also does not like talking so he created a computer program that would talk for him.


sorry its backwords U_U

Where is it heading?
It just seems like a normal help anime where random people will come in for random requests and the team will help. this could be funny as it gets farther in but in the first few episodes there was not a lot of it.

My opinion starting out
If they can make it more humors or challenging i think i will continue watching this but other wise i find it boring and think that there were some anime that did this one better. If this gets to the review stage I will probably be comparing it to them.

Rating so far
This anime theme has been done before and they and not doing anything new or miraculice with it so i have to give it a 2 out of 5.
(this score is based on how original the anime is starting, 1 means that is is way to over played, 3 means that it has some originality to it but it’s sticking to what is safe. 5 means that the anime is starting off with a completely original idea. )

So what do you think? The only way to make these posts better is if you tell us what we can improve upon so please leave a comment to help us get better (^。^)

(may be edited by DHGR as soon as she has time ^_^)

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