first impressions – 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

20 Apr

What is this Anime about?
This anime is about two 30 year old virgins that have been sent “sex gods” to help them lose their virginity. This is a short 12 minuet anime and is very, very, VERY! perverted so be warned.


couldn’t find one (thank god ^_^)

Where is it heading?
I think that by the end of this anime the two will not take any advice from the sex gods and will fall in love and ya…but i wont be around to see if this prediction is true because I’M NOT GOING TO WATCH THIS!!! I don’t even think I would want to be 50 feet near any TV, computer, or other device that is playing this, its just a mesh or retarded anime porn!

My opinion starting out
If you like watching stupid shit then this is probably something that you will like but this is to retarded for me so i gave it up

Rating so far
i have not seen to many of these…and there may be a reason for that but it also means that unfortunately this is going to get a 4 out of 5.
(this score is based on how original the anime is starting, 1 means that is is way to over played, 3 means that it has some originality to it but it’s sticking to what is safe. 5 means that the anime is starting off with a completely original idea. )

So what do you think? The only way to make these posts better is if you tell us what we can improve upon so please leave a comment to help us get better (^。^)

(may be edited by DHGR as soon as she has time ^_^)

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