Review – Detective Conan Movie 14: Lost Ship in the Sky

11 Apr


The latest Suzuki corp. challenge to Kaitou Kid turns deadly as the dirigible meant to be the stage to trap Kid becomes a floating fortress as mercenaries from a terrorist group hijacks the ship with everyone still on board. Even worse is that this group has possession of a recently stolen bioweapon and appears to be planning to use it against the population of an entire city by releasing it in the sky as the dirigible passes by. Conan, Kaitou Kid, and Hattori must uncover enough of their nefarious plot before time runs out and find out if there is something far more sinister to their plot than just what they allowed the world to know about.



Plot: 4/5

I’ve found that Detective Conan always has a good plot for the movies.  I’ve also found that most episodes in the series that involved Kaito Kid were less centered on death so I wasn’t too surprised that this movie was more about about a terrorist group than murder.  You know straight from the get-go who the “bad” people are so there isn’t too much mystery but the extents that people go for their goal is always interesting.  Also I always have fun trying to guess who Kaito Kid is disguised as this time.  (Though it was pretty obvious this time)  The plot was pretty simple but done very well.

Characters: 5/5

Alright, now I may be slightly biased considering how much I love this series and its characters, but honestly the characters are really strong in this series.  Now a lot of that is based upon watching the series and already knowing the characters so aside from the basic run-down of each character at the beginning of the movie, it doesn’t really go much more into them.  Based upon the series all of them were in character though and easily likable.  Now for me, just having Heiji and Kaito Kid in the same movie was enough, but that’s me fangirling so I digress.

Art: 4/5

Just like with Durarara!!, Detective Conan is not the most gorgeous art in the anime universe.  Compared to many it’s simplistic but that’s just the way it is.  I personally have gotten used to it and associate this style with Detective Conan.  So it definitely keeps with it’s original style (though I am happy to say that it has the smaller ears that the later episodes feature over the crazily large ones from the beginning episodes) and is very clean.  The backgrounds and scenery are very crisp and clean.

Flow: 5/5

This movie was easy to watch and it transitioned from beginning to end very smoothly.  I never found myself bored

Music: 3.5/5

Honestly the music wasn’t super memorable but it fit.  I also love the action scene music.  Music isn’t a huge part in these movies but what was there was very well done.  It was also uniform with the other movies so some song selections were recognizable.

Personal Opinion:

I always love Detective Conan, and throw in a movie with Shinichi (Conan), Heiji AND Kaito Kid?  I was sold before I even finished watching the trailer.  This movie rocked, that’s all I can really say.  I loved all of it, the plot was good, I already loved the characters, the action was fantastic, and it had HEIJI.  HEIJI and KAITO KID.  ‘Nuff said.  This was one of my favorite DC movies, hands down.  I recommend this to everyone and if you haven’t seen the series, you should.  Otherwise you fail at life.

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Re-Watch Factor: Most Definitely

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