Weekly update – something around 6 I think

09 Apr

Ok so it’s a new week here soon which means it’s time for the weekly updates. This time around there will be no news in here but that is coming back next week.

From Jake
Ok I am going to try and get a bakuman review up sometime monday or Tuesday if I have the chance but I’m going to be up in Denver for MEPS so no promises I am also going to try and get a gosick review up as well later this week (update: lol my bad I thought gosick was ending this week but apparently it is not, so I will find something else to write a review on.)
Since the new season has come out you won’t be seeing these for a while.
These will start back up here in about a month with the anime that I chose to follow.
first impressions:
There are still quite a few new anime so you will see a lot coming out this week.

From Grammar Hero Red
To be announced
First impressions:
Have Steins;Gate ready, just need to post it up when I get the time

New stuff:
There is a plan in the works to bring video of a few new members, Grammar Hero Red, and myself of commentary through an episode of anime. This is just in the planning stages and I will give you all more information if we get closer to implementing it to the blog.

Thank you all for your continued views and if there is something you would like to see added or changed please let us know via comments. We are not mind readers so the only way we can make this better is from you the readers (^_^)

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