First impressions – Hana-Saku Iroha

06 Apr

What is this Anime about?
Ok so this starts out with a girl cooking and her mom on the computer. They seem to be living normally with the exception of the random comment made to the mother about the girl not being her daughter. After a few minutes into the show the mothers new boyfriend shows up and Ohana Matsumae learns that the boyfriend and her mom are going to run away together to avoid debts that the boyfriend owes. The mom sets Ohana up to live with here grandmother at a hot springs she owns. Life however is not as Ohana thinks it will be living at the hot springs. She is not viewed as a granddaughter but more as a tenant that has to work in the hot springs in order to stay there.



Where is it heading?
I have know idea right now the only thing I have to base this anime off of is Spirited Away and in that she was trying to get her parents back and leave. I am however looking forward to what they will come up with.

My opinion starting out
This seems like it will be a good anime, it is setting itself up right now to be more on the dramatic side then the comedy side but I like that out of my anime. Not everything has to have comedy just look at Haibane Renmei.

Rating so far
I am going to give this anime a 4 out of 5 because right now it seems like it is doing the same thing as Spirited Away but whiteout the spirits and more real life.
(this score is based on how original the anime is starting, 1 means that is is way to over played, 3 means that it has some originality to it but it’s sticking to what is safe. 5 means that the anime is starting off with a completely original idea.

So what do you think? The only way to make these posts better is if you tell us what we can improve upon so please leave a comment to help us get better (^。^)

(this may be edited soon by Grammar Red, if she has time)

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