First impressions – Tiger & bunny

04 Apr

tiger & bunny

What is it about?
Well as you saw from the preview I did a few weeks back,(just a couple posts below this one.) this is an anime about hero’s. These hero’s are people that have had mutations in their genes and now have special powers, think x-men without the shunning. The hero’s are part of a tv program where different corporations (as noted by the sponsor decals) compete against one another to see which hero is better and it is broadcasted to the world. We are introduced to everyone at the end of there current season. Fire-Emblem, Rock-Bison, Dragon-Kid, Origami-cyclone, Sky-High, Blue-Rose, and Wild-Tiger are all the starts of the TV show Hero TV. We as the veiwer are watching/following Kotetsu Kaburagi aka Wild-Tiger as he finishes up the season in 6th place and has to move to a new company.



where is it heading?
This is one anime where it does not give up its secrets easily, the was not much in the way of hints as to where it was going to go other then Wild-Tiger haveing a partner, which has never been done, and them continuing to get points to try and win the MVP of hero tv.

my opinion starting out
This anime might be fun to watch, I have not seen much like this and am interested to see where they take it.

Rating so far
I am going to give this a strong 4.5, I would give it a 5 as I have not seen much with this kinda theme but I just keep thinking of x-men and that here in America is a little over played.
(this is based on how original they are starting off, a 1 means it is been done to much and there is no originality, a 3 means there is some originality but still sticking with what is safe, and a 5 means the anime is starting off with a completely original idea.)

So what do you think? The only way I can make these posts better is if you tell me what you liked about it, what you didn’t, and what you would like to see added if I missed something.

(may be edited soon by Grammar Red, if she is not to busy like I was…we all have our lives and they can get fairly hectic so please forgive us ^_^)

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