First imperssions – Dog Days

04 Apr

dog days

Ok so I have been really busy these last few weeks with school and trying to get into the American Air Force things have finally started to calm down but I have fallen very behind on all the anime I was watching. As soon as I finish up some seasons i will start posting up the reviews of them.

but on to the main reason of this post. The new anime are starting to come out and this was one of the first this week. So here is my first impression of the anime Dog Days…

What is it about?
Well from the first episode this seems to be an anime about athleticism and fantasy. That sounds a little veg right? Well fine I’ll elaborate some more. In this anime there are two “countries” at war, these “countries” are in an alternate universe and the war is more of a giant athletic tournament. One side, Biscotti, has been on a losing streak and the princess has decided to summon a hero that would help them win. This hero happens to be a middle school kid that is really good at what i am going to say seems like parkour. There are several things that will look familiar in the first few minuets. One is that the birds look like chocobo’s from final fantasy, I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not but that was all I could think about when they were on screen. Another thing that I immediately recognized was a reference to Mount Midoriyama as the main character was talking about a tournament that was coming up soon.




where is it heading?
Honestly I have no clue but, I think that the main character, Shin Izumi, will be going back and forth between this new world and our world to help the people of Biscotti win some of there “wars.” other then that i think this will just mainly focus on athletic game stuff and Izumi trying to contently improve upon his skills to better help Biscotti.

my opinion starting out
Well if it continues in the way I think its going to, it should make for a rather interesting anime. if you like MXC or Ninja Warrior then i think you may find some enjoyment out of this. If not you might like the slap stick humor that i believe will be ever present in it (based off the fact that every time someone was hit they turned into fluffy cat balls.)

Rating so far
I think for the moment i am going to give it a 3.5 maybe a 4. The concept has not been over done but i am afraid it will start focusing on the comedy aspects to much and neglect the athletic parts or it will just fail to deliver a good athletic equivalent to MXC or Ninja Warrior.
(this is based on how original they are starting off, a 1 means it is been done to much and there is no originality, a 3 means there is some originality but still sticking with what is safe, and a 5 means the anime is starting off with a completely original idea.)

So ya this is the first “first impressions” what do you think. The only way i can make these posts better is if you tell me what you liked about it, what you didn’t, and what you would like to see added if i missed something.

more “first impressions” to come soon…maybe even a second one in a few minuets…time to watch more anime ^^
update: (I know this was fast lol the post was only up for what 1 minuet and I’m updating this part…) I lied the next one is coming out tomorrow sometime in the evening because it is 1:15 am here and I need to get some sleep before I go see my recruiter and I have to start packing up some of my room so that when I get orders to go to boot camp I’m not scrambling to pack everything…that was probably more then you needed to know but I digress tomorrow I am going to try and get a review out for bakuman as well as at least 3 more first impressions (unless there are more that come out) ^_^

(may be edited soon by Grammar Red, if she is not to busy like i was…we all have our lives and they can get fairly hectic so please forgive us ^_^)


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    do you know of any android app which will update me everytime you do a new post?

    • Jake_o

      04/11/2011 at 7:35 PM

      no i dont, sorry but please look on google to try and find something, the only thing i know about apps that deal with wordpress is the editing app


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