recommendation for Bakuman

13 Mar

Bakuman. (aka バクマン。)
Available in English sub
comedy, drama, romance, manga, school, Otaku Culture

Watch it free here:
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zombie desu ka?

Story so far:
This is an anime about writing manga. The two main characters Akito and Moritaka are working together to make a manga that will be turned into an anime and they want all this to happen before they turn nineteen. Moritaka it the one that draws everything and Akito is the one that comes up with the stories. Moritaka blurted out that he liked Miho, an aspiring voice actress, and asked her if she would marry him if he became a famous manga writer. Moritaka is now trying as hard as he can to become famous and get an anime that Miho can have a spot in by the time he is 18. The story focuses mainly on the manga side but it does throw in the occasional love/romantic scenes.

poor tree
As you might guess from the story line the animation in this leans more toward that of manga then that of real life. Everything is very colorful and well drawn without to many over-exaggerations. The movement is nice but there are times that it looked a little awkward though these are few and far between so it does not effect the anime to much.

The music thus far is very nice and pleasant to listen to. the opening has a nice feeling for the romance that Bakuman plays to with a nice soft melody and lyrics.
full song (blue bird verse 1 eps 1-13 blue bird verse 2 eps 14-

BAKUROCK (eps 1-13)

Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono Tachi (eps 14-)

ok well there are 4 main characters in this anime. Akito and Moritaka are the two that the story most follow, Kaya and Miho are the two girls that support and like the main characters. Akito and Miho promised each other that they would get married after they accomplished there dreams of becoming a mangaka and a voice actress respectively. Moritaka and Kaya are also dating while Kaya helps out with what every they need done. some of the secondary characters that are important are Akira Hattori, the editor that is helping Akito and Moritaka, and Eiji Nizuma, there rival.

What I hope happens:
(this will change after this season to ‘is it going the way i hoped’)
well seing ass this season is almost done and there is going to be anouther season to this im not sure what i want to see happen.

I am going to highly recommend that you watch this anime if you like manga or are interested in manga. it gives a lot of information about how manga is made and the challenges that they have to go through in order to get a manga serialized.

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One response to “recommendation for Bakuman

  1. lifewith4cats

    03/13/2011 at 1:44 PM

    This looks like a good one for anyone wishing to make their own manga.


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