Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann review

27 Feb

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (aka Heavenly Breakthrough Crimson Face, Heavenly Breakthrough Gurren Lagann, Maiking Break-Through Gurren-Lagann, 天元突破グレンラガン)
Available in English sub and English dub
Ecchi, Shounen, Action, Mecha, Sci Fi, Comedy, Adventure
If you liked FLCL, Eureka Seven, Soul Eater, Needless, or Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion you might enjoy this
Watch it free here:
subs only
Anime Season
subbed and dubbed
dubbed (with commercials)

Buy Here:
Complete set: will cost about 50 USD
Gurren Lagann TV Series: Complete Collection Anime (2008)

sadly i only just finished this anime, and i had never heard of it before my brother told me about it.

Ok, so just so everyone is on the same page and I don’t have to ruin anything, at the start of this anime everyone on Earth lives underground. No one has every seen the sky and everyone believes that there is nothing above the cave roof but more rock. At the beginning of this anime we are introduced to Simon the digger. Simon works to help build out the caves so that the people of the village can expand. He loves working as he gets to find cool things buried in the ground but he is also a little apprehensive, especially during earthquakes, because his parents died in a tunnel collapse. His life and those of the villagers are changed one day when a giant robot falls through the roof. Simon and his brother Kamina go to the surface and learn that gun men are what were causing the earthquakes and that there job is to exterminate any humans that are on the surface. This is the start of an epic battle between the humans on the surface and the beast men that pilot the gun men.

For a 2006 anime it has an older feel to it, but everything is still clean and crisp. The fight scenes are very well animated, you can follow everything smoothly and they is now clunky feeling to it like in some anime. The landscape art is jaw dropping especially near the end of the anime. There are times when there are just random boob scenes added in for apparently no reason what so ever but to have a boob shot. (This is what Dark Hero Red calls fanservice)


All the music in this anime adds to the depth of the scenes. For instance there is a bit where Simon is in an alternate universe and is being snapped back into reality by his bro and while Kamina is talking the music behind him while subtle adds a depth to the scene that is hard to find in a lot of anime. Of course there is no way I could call this sound section complete without talking about the sound bit that everyone knows from this anime “row row fight the power”.  This was a background song during the last fight in the first half of the anime. it was then added to the middle transitions when going to and coming back from a commercial. The song fits well with the fight scene but I found myself more then once singing along during those transitions.


ending for eps 1-15:

ending for ep 16:

ending for eps 17-27:

“Libera me” From hell (aka row row fight the power):

The main character of this anime is Simon, at first he is a wimpy, non-confident kid. He relies heavily on Kamina to get the strength to participate in any battle. Kamina’s key phrase to Simon is “believe in me, who believes in you”. As the anime goes on he finds strength in himself that he never knew existed. Nia is a character that is introduced later in the first half of the anime. She is the person that really helps Simon find the strength that he always had deep withing his heart. Yoko is a sniper slinging girl that comes crashing through the roof of Simon’s village. Simon has a crush on her but she is in love with Kamina. That is all I am going to tell you for everyone else you will have to go watch the anime from one of the three links I gave.  Or from the dvd if you grab that instead ^_^

I will admit that I am not a big fan of the mecha genres but Gurren Lagann, while being focused on mechs, I feel is more about the story (up to a point) then the mechs. Near the end that starts to change but by that time Iwas so heavily invested in the anime that I just had to watch to see what happened next. There were times in the anime I was wondering how they got so far I mean you have to remember at the end where they started at the beginning and how much shit they went through. Gurren Lagann made my top 10 list with ease and i cant wait until i have the money to get the dvd’s.

My personal rating for this would be an 10/10

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