Ghost Hunt

04 Feb

Ghost Hunt
available in both English sub and official English dub
Shoujo, Horror, Detectives, Supernatural, Ghost Hunters
if you liked XXXHOLiC, Mushishi, Ayatsuri Sakon, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, or Detective Conan you might like this
watch it free here:
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Boxset: will cost about 35-36 USD
Ghost Hunt: The Complete Series Box Set

In this anime you are folowing Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama in a series or paranormal investigations through Kazuya Shibuya company Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR).  Along the way you are introduced to five other characters that will be prevalent thorugh out Ghost Hunt. Lin Koujo an exorcist and Kazuya Shibuya’s assistent, Ayako Matsuzaki a shrine madden, Houshou Takigawa a Buddhist monk, John Brown a Cristian exorcist, and Masako Hara a medium. Each investigation is about 3-4 episodes long. The show is really good at keeping a creepy atmosphere throughout the investigations and adds some comedy to relieve a bit of tension.

The character are is fairly well done and the movement is fluid and does not look out of place. Ghost Hunt tends not to reuse to much of the art which is very nice, and the backgrounds that they create are detailed and look good. How ever with that said the are seems a little too pretty sometimes for a ghost story anime. I would have liked to see a bit more of a grungy look to this.

Ghost Hunt tends to use a lot of instrumental music which works well for this type of anime. The voice acting is well done and you can really tell how there feeling just by voice alone. The background themes that are used add a lot of depth to the anime and fit perfectly with what is going on. I dont think you will have any of the tunes stuck in your head or be able to place a song immediately when you hear it without the anime though.


As mentioned in the story area there are two main characters and five secondary characters that are important. They don’t have any real memorability to them though. They seem like the typical anime characters. There is not a lot of development with the characters ether and any development that they do have feels a little awkward as it has nothing to do with what the cast is doing. The characters don’t take away from the anime but they don’t add a whole lot ether.

The story and feel of the anime is great and it will suck you in and even scare you a bit but the art and characters are a little to bright for the story its trying to tell. If you love horror movies, tv shows, or like watching all those paranormal investigation shows this anime was made for you with out a doubt. Others that might like this anime are people that like to have a scare every once in a while but cant handle blood guts and gore to well.

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