FIRST REVIEW!!! Haibane Renmei

04 Feb

ok as the title says this is going to be a review for Haibane Renmei, so let’s get this thing started ^_^

Haibane Renmei
available in both English sub and official English dub
Slice of Life, Drama, Slow-paced, Angels
people that liked Kino’s Journey, Mushishi, Someday’s Dreamers, Serial Experiments Lain, or Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou might like this ^_^
watch it here free:
buy it here: (this is not my chose of seller but its the only one that still has them…ish)
boxset: will cost about 220 new (this is because it is out of production and everyone wants this set)
Haibane-Renmei: Complete Vols. 1-4 (2005)
Individual copys: total about 171 (new middle priced estimates)
Haibane Renmei – New Feathers (Vol. 1)
Haibane-Renmei – Wings of Sorrow (Vol. 2)
Haibane Renmei – Free Bird (Vol. 3)
Haibane-Renmei – Day of Flight (Vol. 4)

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This anime starts out relatively slowly and maintains a slow pace throughout the entire anime. When the show starts you are following a girl, Rakka, falling from the sky.  As she gets closer to the ground she becomes scared.  After that you are introduced to all the other main characters. These characters all show up for the “hatching” of Rakka. Yes she is hatched from an egg-like thing. As the story goes on you become entranced in this world that seems to be made up of both humans and angels. Around the middle of the story Rakka’s wings start to change and, just like if something that was once normal for you and then suddenly started to change, Reakka started to freak out. she has to go through something like a test so that she can return to normal and continue living with everyone.  The first three or four episodes are slower than the rest of the anime but this is to introduce all the characters and the new world that Rakka is in. As the story goes on you really do feel as if you know Rakka as like your best friend. As you watch though make sure to keep an eye on the details that are all around as there is a lot of syndicalism and foreshadowing in the first five episodes. the reason for the 9.5 is that this is a very original story line that when watched feels real and worked very well.


There are a lot of better character animations out there but you will be hard pressed to find better landscapes. Honestly it is not the character art that makes this anime, it is the story and the beautiful landscapes/cityscape. The characters are decently drawn and animated well so it will not detract from the anime at all but when you compare the characters to the backdrops you can tell where there strong suit was.

The voice acting is decent and the songs fit well in this anime. There is never a moment where you will find yourself wondering why the music is weird in a spot, however there is nothing memorable about the music ether you wont be walking away from this anime with any tunes or songs stuck in your head as they just don’t stick with you.



This anime does a very good job at introducing the characters as it sets aside the first few episodes just so that you can get to know them. in most anime you have the copy and pasted character or the characters with no development to them ether you hate them or love them but in this anime you start of as strangers and end up with something comparable to a best friend. even with some of the twist and turns in this anime you with continue to love almost everyone in the anime.

While visually stunning with one of the best stories i have seen the anime is slow paced and those that want something with action or that cant sit down and read a Steven King book will probably loss interest in this after about four episodes but this anime may just have changed anime. it was really the first one that truly developed the characters rather then fights and gave us one of the top 20 if not top 5 story’s of all time.

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One response to “FIRST REVIEW!!! Haibane Renmei

  1. rapmasterg

    04/21/2011 at 12:37 AM

    I didn’t know this was your first review! SO well done. I love your blog like always. Obviously we have very different opinions of the anime although we both liked it. I am not a big fan of not developing the characters, although I do like the story and all of the symbolism it throws at you.


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